September 5, 2017 | Copper Canyon Press

September 5, 2017 | Copper Canyon Press

Javier Zamora’s debut collection, Unaccompanied, assesses borderland politics, race, and immigration on a profoundly personal level, and simultaneously remembers and imagines a birth-country that’s been left behind. Through an unflinching gaze, plainspoken diction, and a combination of Spanish and English, Unaccompanied crosses El Salvador and Mexico as families are lost and reunited, coyotes lead migrants astray, and real life fuses with myth.

Winner, Northern California Book Award 2018

Winner, Firecracker Award from the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses 2018

Finalist, Kate Tufts Discovery Award 2019

Javier’s experience and message are crucial amid today’s political confusions, and we look to him as a beacon to the future.
— Tom Jenks, Narrative Magazine
Zamora details his experience emigrating from El Salvador to the U.S. at age nine in his timely and excellent debut, a heartbreaking account of leaving behind the grandmother who raised him to join parents he barely remembered.
— Publishers Weekly
Zamora insists that the stories he houses in his blood deserve to be told, and in the telling he has created a truly astonishing debut.
— Rodney Gomez, Latino Book Review
By finding the language to describe the hardships of the Salvadoran Civil War, the nightmares of migration that seem to plague all Salvadorans, Zamora has begun the process of healing deep emotional scars.
— Willy Palomo, Muzzle Magazine


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